Classroom Package #4: The Works

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This package contains the materials for a very well-equipped, professional classroom of 20 children or more, with a full range of concepts and activities being explored. Price includes free shipping within Canada (excluding YT, NW, NU). To receive a printable PDF copy of the package list shown below, please contact us.

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H0001                  Broad Stair

H0120                  Small Wooden Prisms

H0046                  Pink Tower

H0047                   Pink Tower Stand

H0002                  Long Red Rods

H0110                   Rack for Rods

H0004                  Colour Tablets #1

H0005                  Colour Tablets #2

H0007                   Colour Tablets #3

H0008                  Touch Boards

H0009                  Graded Rough Tablets

H0011                   Baric Tablets

H0010                  Scent Bottles

H0023                  Tasting Bottles

H0014                  Geometry Cabinet

H0012                  Geometry Demonstration Tray

H0344                  Geometry Cabinet Control Chart

H0345                   Geometry Cabinet Nomenclature Cards

H0144                  Graded Geometric Figures

H0015                   Sound Boxes

H0044                  Cylinder Blocks

H0354                   Cylinder Blocks Rack

H0045                  Knobless Cylinders

H0198                  Geometric Solids

H0333                   Divided Geometric Solids

H0118                   Fabric Box #1

H0119                   Fabric Box #2

H0174                   Binomial Cube

H0171                   Trinomial Cube

H0259                  Mystery Bags

H0258                  Blue Triangles

H0257                   Constructive Triangles



H0025                  Stand for 12 Dressing Frames

H0028                  Large Buttons Dressing Frame

H0027                   Small Buttons Dressing Frame

H0035                   Zipper Dressing Frame

H0036                  Buckles Dressing Frame

H0039                  Velcro Dressing Frame

H0034                  Snaps Dressing Frame

H0029                  Ribbon Tying Dressing Frame

H0030                  Lacing Dressing Frame

H0031                   Safety Pin Dressing Frame

H0033                   Hook & Eye Dressing Frame

H0037                   Clips Dressing Frame

H0038                  Shoe Lacing Dressing Frame

H0349                  Philips Head Screw Set

H0348                  Hexagonal Head Screw Set

H0347                   Allen Key Screw Set

M7012                  Latches Board

H0003                  Nuts & Bolts – Set A

H0020                  Nuts & Bolts – Set B

M7002                  Dust, Sweep & Mop Set

H0073                   Roman Arch Kit



H0090                  Sandpaper Letters, lower case, print

H0095                  Sandpaper Letters, upper case, print

H0091                  Sandpaper Letters, lower case, cursive

H0094                  Sandpaper Letters, upper case, cursive

H0092                  Sandpaper Letters, digraphs, print

H0093                  Sandpaper Letters, digraphs, cursive

H0096B               Large Movable Alphabet, print

H0099B               Large Movable Alphabet, cursive

H0097                   Metal Insets with Stands

H0101                   Tracing Tray

H0328                  Pencil Tray

H0331                   Paper Tray

H0103                   Coloured Pencil Holders

H0346                  Coloured Pencils, set of 11

H0316                   Chalkboards Set #1

H0317                   Chalkboards Set #2

H0117                   Basic Grammar Symbols

H0109                  Advanced Grammar Symbols

H0111                   Reading Analysis, 1st Set

H0112                   Reading Analysis, 2nd Set

H0113                   Sentence Analysis, 1st & 2nd Sets

H0115                   Noun & Verb Solids

H0114                   3D Grammar Symbols

H0300                  Detective Adjective Exercise



H0190                  Number Rods

H0110                   Rack for Rods

H0053                   Cards for Number Rods

H0128                  Cut-out Numbers & Counters

H0124                  Sandpaper Numerals

H0189                  Teen & Ten Boards

H0241                  Bead Bars for Ten Boards

H0242                  Bead Bars for Teen Boards

H0126                  Spindle Box with Spindles

H0145                   Decimal Material Set

H0129                  Stamp Game

H0148                  Addition Strip Board

H0149                  Subtraction Strip Board

H0251                   Coloured Bead Stair 1-9

H0230                  Bead Bar Tray

H0266                  Coloured Bead Stair Hanger

H0228                  Introduction to Quantity

H0238                  Introduction to the Decimal System

H0247                   Golden Bead Units (45)

H0246                  Golden Bead Bars of Ten (45)

H0252                  Golden Bead Hundred Squares (9)

H0231                   Golden Bead Thousand Cube

H0146                  Hundred Board

H0147                   Pythagoras Board

H0150                   Small Bead Frame

H0151                   Large Bead Frame

H0222                  Addition Snake Game

H0224                  Subtraction Snake Game

H0355                   Small Square Root Board

H0201                  Centesimal Circle & Protractor

H0153                   Addition Problems & Answers

H0154                   Subtraction Problems & Answers

H0237                   Short Bead Chains with Squares

H0218                  Arrows for Short Bead Chains

H0248                  Decanomial Bead Cubes

H0267                   Teen Bead Bear Hanger

H0299                  Teen Bead Stair Tray

H0186                  Unit Division Board

H0188                  Multiplication Bead Board

H0356                   Fraction Cut-outs 1 to 1/10

H0357                   Fraction Cut-outs 1/11 to 1/20

H0206                  Addition Working Charts & Tiles

H0207                   Subtraction Working Charts & Tiles

H0208                  Multiplication Working Charts & Tiles

H0209                  Division Working Charts & Tiles

H0138                   Geometry Board

H0131                   Geometry Sticks with Workboard

H0098                  Square Root Pegboard

H0334                   Cubing & Cube Root Material

H0298                  Table of Pythagoras

H0244                  Checkerboard

H0235                   Bead Bars for Checkerboard

H0236                  Checkerboard Number Tiles

H0232                  Decimal Checkerboard

H0187                   Long Division Material

H0100                  Complete Bead Material

H0102                  Cabinet for Bead Material

H0240                  Chains of 100 & 1000

H0219                  Arrows for Chains for 100 & 1000

H0273                   Bank Game

H0072                   Complete Golden Bead Material

H0262                  Metal Squares Insets



H0019                  Three-puzzle Cabinet

H0183                   Tree Puzzle

H0184                  Leaf Puzzle

H0175                   Flower Puzzle

H0191                   Botany Nomenclature Set

H0022                  Five-puzzle Cabinet (x4)

H0178                   Bird Puzzle

H0179                   Turtle Puzzle

H0181                   Horse Puzzle

H0180                  Fish Puzzle

H0182                  Frog Puzzle

H0160                  Wasp Puzzle

H0161                   Dragonfly Puzzle

H0162                  Butterfly Puzzle

H0163                   Rooster Puzzle

H0164                  Cricket Puzzle

H0165                   Ladybug Puzzle

H0166                  Seed Puzzle

H0167                   Penguin Puzzle

H0168                  Fly Puzzle

H0193                   Root Puzzle

H0200                  Snail Puzzle

H0192                  Animal Nomenclature Set

H0016                  Botany Cabinet

H0278                   Leaf Cards

H0324                  Leaf Shape Nomenclature Cards

H0325                   Growing Process Puzzle Set



H0074                   World Puzzle Map

H0074L                World Control Chart – labeled

H0074U               World Control Chart – unlabeled

H0083                  Canada Puzzle Map

H0083L                Canada Control Chart – labeled

H0083U               Canada Control Chart – unlabeled

H0077                    North America Puzzle Map

H0077L                 North America Control Chart – labeled

H0077U                North Amer. Control Chart – unlabeled

H0081                  USA Puzzle Map

H0081L                USA Control Chart – labeled

H0081U               USA Control Chart – unlabeled

H0078                   South America Puzzle Map

H0078L                South America Control Chart – labeled

H0078U               South Amer. Control Chart – unlabeled

H0075                   Europe Puzzle Map

H0075L                Europe Control Chart – labeled

H0075U                Europe Control Chart – unlabeled

H0076                   Africa Puzzle Map

H0076L                Africa Control Chart – labeled

H0076U               Africa Control Chart – unlabeled

H0080                  Asia Puzzle Map

H0080L                Asia Control Chart – labeled

H0080U               Asia Control Chart – labeled

H0082                  Australia Puzzle Map

H0082                  Australia Control Chart – labeled

H0082U               Australia Control Chart – unlabeled

H0084                  Puzzle Map Stand

H0018                   Coloured Globe

H0017                   Sandpaper Globe

H0358                   Geography Nomenclature Cards

H0338                   Land & Water Form Trays

H0276                   World Map with Flags

H0336                   Solar System Orbit Board

H0350                   Planets Nomenclature Cards

H0351                   Weather Nomenclature Cards

H0352                   Topography Nomenclature Cards

H0353                   Landmarks Nomenclature Cards




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