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How to use the Montessori Broad Stair

The purpose of the Broad Stair (also known as the Brown Stair) is to enhance the child’s ability to discriminate between different sizes of objects. The Broad Stair focuses on differences in two dimensions only (width and height), as the leng…
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Real Toys vs Electronic Toys: which is better?

It’s no secret that YouTube is a major part of children’s lives today — whether they have screen time while eating, after school, or before bed, it’s very likely that your child views videos online at some point during the day. While some parents…
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Eight Suggestions For Raising Creative Kids

While many children learn what they see in books and on TV, it’s important to support the creative development of your child, so that they can assume new perspectives and have unique approaches to new situations. The best inventions and discoverie…
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