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Pocket Toy Guide

Are you looking for educational infant & toddler toys, but are not sure where to start?  The "pocket version" of our free Toy Guide is full of great suggestions and information, including what skills different types of toys can help to develop, and what toys are suitable for different stages of your child's growth.  It's a two-page, interactive PDF document that you are free to download to your desktop or mobile device for easy future reference.  Plus it contains links to the relevant product categories on our website to make your research and shopping easier, as well as a link to the expanded, two-part blog version of the guide, which you can also see here.

Click here to download your free PDF copy of the pocket toy guide.


2022 Festive Gift Guide

Looking for that perfect gift for the children in your life? Something fun that will also help them learn and grow? Thinkamajigs is here to help! Our 2022 Festive Gift Guide is downloadable and fully interactive with great suggestions for educational toys and games to fit any budget, any age from birth to grade school, and any festive occasion. You'll find even more exceptional (and educational) gift ideas throughout our online store. These toys are so much fun, your kids won 't be playing with the boxes this year! While you browse through the guide, just click on any item to be taken to that product's page on our website for full additional photos and full description. Please feel free to share this Gift Guide with your family and friends as well.

Click here to download your free PDF copy of the 2022 Festive Gift Guide.