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Eight Suggestions For Raising Creative Kids

While many children learn what they see in books and on TV, it’s important to support the creative development of your child, so that they can assume new perspectives and have unique approaches to new situations. The best inventions and discoveries were made by individuals who were able to think outside of the box, which has led to having astronauts walk on the moon, and scientists finding cures for dangerous diseases. As a parent, it’s a top priority to find ways to enhance your child’s creativity.

Here are a few suggestions to help you support your child’s creative development both at home and in school.

Creativity Tip 1: Provide Art Supplies for Your Child

Having art supplies in your home for your children is an excellent way to develop their creativity. Buy a lot of plain paper when it’s on sale along with crayons, markers, and watercolor paints. Keep these items where children can use the art supplies at any time.

Occasionally, you may also want to provide other types of art supplies, such as clay for sculpting or brightly coloured finger paint. Children can also cut up paper with scissors to create pasted designs on cardboard.

Creative Tip 2: Turn Off the Television

While there are great programs on television, you should limit the amount of time for watching movies and shows. If children don’t have a television to watch all the time, then they learn how to do other things, including creative pursuits such as playing a musical instrument or building an invention. While your child might complain about not having any television to watch, after a while, they will find something else to do with their time.

Creative Tip 3: Take Your Child to a Museum

Look for museums in your city where you can take your child to look at paintings, photography, and sculptures. There are also other types of museums that focus on various types of sciences such as astronomy or archaeology. You can find history museums that have old airplanes and vintage automobiles. When you visit these museums with your children, it will help inspire them to be creative.

Creative Tip 4: Keep Books in Your Home

By reading a lot, your children will have more creativity. You don’t need to spend a fortune on books because most cities have a public library. Your child should have a library card at a young age, and you should let your child browse the shelves to find the books that he wants to read. Make sure that you’re modelling good behaviour by also reading books rather than spending too much time watching television.

Creative Tip 5: Have Creative Toys Available

Rather than only having toys that are about movie or cartoon characters, make sure to have creative toys in your home. Toddlers can play with colourful building blocks or wooden jigsaw puzzles while an older child will want complex toys that make them think. Choose from a variety of educational puzzles and board games that can help a child learn about new subjects. Find toys that are appropriate for your child’s age so that he can learn more each day at home.

Creative Tip 6: Provide Creativity Development Lessons

If you can provide lessons in subjects such as art, dancing, or music, then it will help your child to have more creativity. It’s important to expose your child to many types of specialty subjects so that your child can decide the type of activity that makes them happy. Look for local businesses that offer group or individual lessons in creative subjects.

Creative Tip 7: Enroll Your Child in a Creative Private School

In addition to lessons in creative subjects, you can enroll your child in a school that believes in creativity. Montessori schools want children to embrace creativity by permitting students to choose the subjects that interest them. While a child will learn important skills such as mathematics or reading, she is also able to spend the majority of her day learning about something that interests her.

Creative Tip 8: Have a Creative Zone In Your Home

Use a room in your home as a creative zone where there are supplies for art, music, and science. This area can also have musical instruments or CD players where a child can listen to music or play the piano. This is also an excellent place for keeping bookshelves that are filled with educational books and creative toys. Teach your children to take care of their art supplies and other creative items.

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16th Jul 2018 Thinkamajigs