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Book Review: A New Alphabet for Humanity


A New Alphabet for Humanity

by Leesa McGregor, illustrated by Daniela Sosa


Recommended for ages 3 years and up, this alphabet book teaches children about being compassionate, kind and loving to people and the planet. Each page introduces and explains a positive word, and the book concludes with questions designed to spark further conversations with children about the values described. It’s printed on recycled paper using non-toxic soy inks.

Leesa McGregor is a Canadian speaker, author and entrepreneur whose work is centred around inspiring positive change in business and education. She was inspired to create the New Alphabet for Humanity after her son was born.

Daniela Sosa is a freelance illustrator originally from Romania, now living in the United Kingdom. She received her master’s degree in Children’s Book Illustration from the Cambridge School of Art.


The book is an A to Z list of words that teach children about positive and inclusive values and qualities, like kindness, compassion, empathy, self-love, gratitude, and respect. Leesa McGregor created it as a simple way to introduce young children to these concepts and learn how to “connect with their hearts and become the best version of themselves”. Leesa believes children are never too small to make a difference!

Daniela Sosa’s illustrations beautifully depict each word, making it easier for children to grasp some of the more abstract concepts, such as mindfulness.

This book aspires to teach social and emotional skills and help children understand the impact of words on their emotions and on other people. The Empowering Questions section offers an opportunity to continue the conversation with your child by explaining some of the words further, offering examples, and providing open-ended questions for discussion.

A New Alphabet For Humanity won a Literary Titan Book Award in 2020, which is given to books that astound and amaze with unique writing styles, vivid worlds, complex characters, and original ideas.


We believe it’s never too early to instill positive values in children, and this book is meaningful and inspiring. In learning these 26 uplifting words, children are empowered to become kinder, happier and more confident in themselves. They begin to understand the power of positive words and they can take that positivity out into the world, helping to create a more compassionate and empathetic society.

We also love how the illustrations so perfectly depict each of the 26 concepts while emphasizing inclusivity and diversity. The accompanying definition of each word is simply stated to help children make sense of abstract concepts.

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The book’s website offers a free Children’s Empowerment Kit. This includes printable posters and a list of ways children can show kindness and compassion, as well as Word of the Week Alphabet Lesson Plans that correspond to the book. These lesson plans include ways to put the word into practice, discussion questions and affirmations. Click here to learn more.

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4th May 2022 Thinkamajigs