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Microscope Set

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A whole new tiny world is waiting to be discovered through this excellent beginner's microscope.  It features three different levels of magnification: 100x, 300x and 600x, and slides can be illuminated with the combination reflective mirror/battery-powered light beneath the stage.  The microscope also comes with two prepared slides, each with four samples (grasshopper parts on one, textile fibres on the other), as well as materials for making your own slides.  For specimens that are too big to go on a slide, use the included mini magnifying glass with both 3x and 6x magnification.  The microscope stands 20 cm (about 8") tall.

  • Up to 600x magnification
  • Two prepared slides
  • Six blank plastic slides and labels
  • Two specimen jars
  • Tweezers
  • Stir rod
  • 3x and 6x magnifying glass
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