Grammar Boxes & Cards Set (AMI)

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The Grammar Boxes & Cards set consists of eight coloured boxes, forty-four coloured plastic cards and a supply of coloured paper strips. This elementary-level exercise involves constructing sentences and identifying the various parts of speech based on the coloured cards and strips.  Teachers and students can write their own sentences on the blank coloured sentence cards, and then write individual words on the blank coloured word cards according to their colours:

  • black for nouns
  • red for verbs
  • tan for articles
  • brown for adjectives
  • pink for adverbs
  • purple for prepositions
  • blue for interjections
  • green for pronouns
  • yellow for conjunctions

Use the word cards to reconstruct the original sentence, identifying the parts of speech accordingly. The plastic cards for the parts of speech measure 4 cm x 6 cm and fit into the slots of the individual trays within the boxes.  Each tray contains twenty blank coloured word cards measuring 3 cm x 5 cm, and twenty blank sentence cards measuring 3 cm wide and from 10 cm to 30 cm long.  The Grammar Filling Boxes can be used to store extra blank sentence and word cards.

All Gonzagarredi products are approved by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI).

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