Bongo Drums

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rumming is a natural way to introduce children to the most basic foundation of music: rhythm. This bongo drum set measures 16 cm (about 6.5") tall with two adjoined drums measuring 12 cm and 15 cm (about 5" and 6"). The shells are made of 100% recycled wood fibre covered in a colourful rainforest-themed wrap. The tops have tough, professional-quality heads while the bottoms are open to produce the characteristically resonant bongo sound. A wide variety of sounds can be achieved by hitting the heads with your fingertips or thumb, in the center of the head or at the edge, or by tapping on the sides. Bongos are often held between the knees, but can also be placed on the floor or a table, or in your lap. Musical instruments are excellent for the development of physical coordination, motor skills, sensory processing and a sense of rhythm.

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